1. Spray Environmental One Waterless carwash on exterior surfaces to be cleaned.
  2. Wipe away and buff to a high gloss finish using a soft terry towel.

Environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Safe to use on all automotive paint finishes. Brilliance is returned in seconds

  • NO acid, bleach, ammonia or phosphate
  • NO rinsing
  • NO toxic fumes
  • NO harsh chemical

Waterless Carwash

New! Safe! Non Toxic! Biodegradable! No Harsh Chemicals! Highly Effective!

Environmental One Waterless Carwash is a remarkable, naturally safe, non-toxic formulation for cleaning dirt and grime from all car surfaces. Environmental One Waterless Carwash allows you to wash your car without messy buckets, hoses or water. It dries quickly without leaving streaks or water spots. It is specifically developed to aid those who suffer with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.


Environmental One Waterless Carwash is designed with your safety in mind, and is free of respiratory and skin irritants commonly used in cleaning products. Environmental One does not contain acid, bleach, ammonia or phosphates, and does not compromise indoor air quality.

No Worries! Clean your home with confidence using the safest possible cleaning solutions for your home, family and pets. Healthy Living/Healthy Home.

Safe on: glass, enamels, enron, clear coats, metallics, acrylics, epoxys, plastics, laquer, old oxidized paint, sun faded paint and all new paint.

Removes: dirt, grime, brake dust, and bugs are removed with minimal effort

For best results, spray on difficult to clean areas first, such as wheels, brake dust and bugs on grill. Allow Environmental One Waterless Carwash to penetrate while cleaning the rest of the car. Spray a second time, and wipe away for a renewed appearance. For vinyl or convertible tops simply spray and brush, spray again and wipe clean with a terry towel.