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Unique features of Crude Oil Cleaner

Crude Oil Control

  • Professional strength crude oil cleaner.
  • No major threat to human health or the environment.
  • Biodegradable and no long term residues.

Extreme Power

  • Energy or agitation will put crude oil into solution. i.e.- high pressure spraying or vigorous agitation in the water allows the solution to disappear into water
  • Excellent maintenance for well sites, oil rigs, tanks, equipment and tools

Health and Safety

  • Use goggles with high pressure spraying.
  • If sprayed directly into eyes, rinse generously with clean water; on skin may cause slight irritation with increased concentration and continuous application with pack.

Crude Oil Cleaner

Instructions and Use

  1. Apply 12 oz. of concentrate to 1 Gallon water.
  2. Application is best accomplished with a high-pressure sprayer.
  3. Once cleaner is applied to crude oil, the oil changes so it will not adhere to surfaces or other crude oil as before treatment. This non-adherence promotes easy deep cleaning from surfaces.
  4. The cleaning ability of Environmental 1 Crude Oil Cleaner is estimated to be 2-3 times the baseline strength needed.